Still need help with the details of how The Saving Swami works his magic to lower your monthly bills? No problem! It’s our pleasure to provide you with the most frequently asked questions below. If we missed what was on your mind just enter it and click Ask Swami.
What kind of bills can Swami lower?
The Saving Swami starts with lowering your cable tv, satellite tv, cell phone, and internet bills – then he moves on to satellite radio, home security, gym memberships, lawn care, auto/boat repairs, you name it….the sky is the limit when it comes to saving money.
What if I just negotiated my bills and got them lowered?
Great ! That means you are on the right track. Let The Saving Swami review the good work you did to make sure you are as low as you can go. No charge for wise counsel. Ever.
Why can’t I just do this myself?
Negotiating yourself means you’ll pocket the entire discount without sharing with an outside company. But if you put it off of never enlist the help of a third party, then you’re likely leaving money on the table every month- and that won’t do your wallet any favors.
What do you mean by complimentary service?
The Saving Swami reviews your bills and does 100% of the negotiating for free. The Swami only gets compensated AFTER your savings have been locked in.
How does Swami get paid?
The Saving Swami splits your negotiated savings right down the middle. And this is only for the first 12 months. After that the client keeps 100% of the savings forever.
My dad’s uncle’s friend’s sister is pretty good at this stuff – can’t I just ask her?
You sure can! The Saving Swami isn’t claiming to do anything you or your friends can’t do – we just do it better! The Saving Swami is the negotiator’s negotiator. We do this all day every day. That means we are aware of promotional rates, customer loyalty discounts, and special credits that get you the lowest possible price available.
What is the actual cost to me?
Literally zero out of pocket. The Saving Swami gets 50% of the savings you realize for 12 months. And you never pay Swami up front. We break the split down over a year, so you literally pay Swami out of the money you are saving- not out of your pocket. It’s a win –win.
What if I cancel my service before the one year is up?
We like to empower our clients, not lock them in! The Saving Swami isn’t going to charge you for savings you’re no longer getting. If you choose to cancel your subscription, service, or switch to a different provider – you will no longer get a monthly charge for the money we saved you on that service.
I saw another service kind of like this – why should I go with Swami?
There are other services that will try to lower your monthly bills. Some even take as little as 40% of the savings! The difference is that The Saving Swami will never have you upload your bills to a complete stranger. Because we are real people and our client’s best interests always come first, we only split the savings for 12 months, and we allow you to get out of your monthly payments when your service ends. You can certainly try the other companies, but you could be putting yourself at risk. We want to earn your trust 24/7.

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