Helping businesses save money is a top priority for The Saving Swami. All businesses, large and small, can benefit from The Saving Swami’s negotiating expertise and complementary wise counsel. While at the bargaining table lowering your monthly invoices, the Swami will make sure there are no errors or mistakes made by your vendors.

Did You Know?

Bringing The Saving Swami to the table is easy. It all starts with a free consultation. How does this work? We never charge our clients to evaluate their invoices. We get compensated only after we have locked in savings for your company. Even though we do 100% of the negotiating, our clients always keep 50% of the savings. Better yet, we only share the savings for the first 12 months. If we save you $100 a month on your bills, your net savings will be $600 for the first year and $1200 every year after.

Review invoices

Swami will evaluate monthly invoices for billing errors and additional savings

Negotiate on the company's behalf

Swami goes to the negotiating table and gets you the most savings possible

Watch the savings roll in!

Sit back and receive updates about the saving you've racked up!

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