Why is Your Cable Bill Increasing?

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From the Founder’s Desk: April, 2018
April 9, 2018
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May 12, 2018
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Cable costs have skyrocketed over the last 40 years and the factors that account for the costly service may come as a surprise.

The ever-increasing invoice
When purchasing cable, the packages and deals advertised will surely draw the consumer in, despite the price of the service rising over time. A common cable provider, Comcast advertises their services for $49.99/ month. After one year of service the price is sure to increase to $69.99 and ultimately a long-term relationship will skyrocket the price to over double of what was first advertised… $106/month. A contract will effectively bind the relationship between a provider and the cable television watcher and the invoices will build.

Misleading Jargon
Cable companies are able to nickel-and-dime consumers through fees such as “FCC Regulatory Fee”, “Regulatory recovery fee” and “Broadcast TV Fee”. The titles of these fees are without doubt misleading. Those charges are not dispensed through government regulation agencies. With cable being televised to the public there surely are expenses between authoritative agencies and cable providers but the “FCC Regulatory Fee” is not directly from the Federal Communications commission.

Sports packages may be a mandatory part of a consumer’s cable bill as well. It is not uncommon for the cable companies to have business interests with the channels that broadcast the content included in the sports package.

Lack of Competition
Cable companies have monopolized the television industry. The provider choices limited. In areas spanning the United States there may be only one option of which company you receive cable access from. In these areas research shows that cable companies charge over 20% more.

Leveling the Playing Field
The consumer advocates at The Saving Swami are now leveling the playing field for cable customers. “Cable bills are one of the most popular bills we negotiate, and we have a long track record of success in lowering these bills while often upgrading service in the same round of negotiation,” says Gregory Henzel, founder of The Saving Swami. The Saving Swami lowers cable bills on a daily basis, while frequently astounding clients with their ability to upgrade service as well. “I was sick of paying so much for mediocre service, but I continued to do so because of a lack of options,” says a satisfied client, Andrea Seeger, “I was amazed when Swami not only lowered my bill by hundreds of dollars each year, but also got me an additional cable box and a better service package. I go to Swami for all of my bills now.”

Public Knowledge strives to increase the options for cable consumers by expanding competition within the cable community. The effort for decent cable costs is important. The Saving Swami is able to advocate for consumers and negotiate lower cable bills while, in many cases, upgrading service.

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