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Need to save money each month? Here are 4 tips to get started with saving!
November 20, 2018
Save Money on Your Credit Card Bills
January 10, 2019
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Swami is working hard to save money for all of our clients throughout the year.  At the end of November, The Saving Swami’s founder, Gregory Henzel, went to Spectrum Cable to negotiate another $1,000 of savings for three clients that day.

Think this is a rare occurrance?  Think again!  We negotiate savings for our clients every day.  Eric Smallman jumped in our conversation to brag about the $600 yearly savings we negotiated for him!

The Saving Swami is a consumer advocate, meaning we negotiate the biggest savings possible on your monthly bills without you having to sacrifice any quality of service.  This means we go BACK to the negotiating table for you whenever possible to get you the deepest savings on cable, internet, cell phone, credit cards and any other monthly bills we can negotiate.

Give Swami a try with a free consultation!  Call 518.209.1152 to start lowering your monthly bills today.

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