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Save Money on Your Credit Card Bills
January 10, 2019
How to Save Money on Transportation
February 10, 2019
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Every day we run into people who think they’re getting the absolute lowest rate on their monthly bills.  “I don’t think Swami can help me.  I already negotiated with the cable company.”

These are our favorite clients!! Why? Because so frequently, Swami is able to shock and awe them by lowering their monthly bills even further!!

Here is a story from Rich, who fhad already done a great job of negotiating his monthly expenses.  He was skeptical, but let Swami go to bat for him anyway.  It doesn’t cost anything for Swami to do this, so why not? Low and behold, Swami was able to save him even more!

Do you know a skeptic?  Give them the Swami Savings Challenge!! It’s a win – win!

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