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Overcome Your Overspending:

Daily Habits to Help You Start Saving Money

It is payday, and you radiate joy at the thought of getting your paycheck. The world suddenly seems better, the restaurants seem more inviting, and the mall calls you insistently. But after a few days, you realize that your money has melted like snow in the sun and you have set aside nothing. Everyone would like to save money, whether it’s to have a small safety net, a nice vacation or to make a large purchase like a car or a house. For most Americans, it often seems that the money comes out of our bank account faster than it enters, even when we think we’re paying attention.

The Budget

You may have heard it over and over again, but the first and most effective way to save money is to be aware of your financial situation. Thus, it is necessary to make a budget. It is much less complicated than it appears; simply draw a table with two columns: In the first column, enter all your monthly earnings: salary, allowances, etc. In the other, all your fixed costs: mortgage, insurance, electricity, payments for automobile, telecommunications, etc.

Then you make a subtraction, and you get the amount of money you can save monthly. Be careful, however, as you have not yet eaten, clothed or amused yourself. Nonetheless, it is only in this pool of money you have left after paying your fixed costs that you will be able to make small changes that will eventually allow you to put money aside.

To help you put a few dollars aside without thinking too much, here are some simple tips that will save you money on a daily basis.

Limit Junk Food

A simple hamburger or hot dog will not exactly put you behind, but by adding them up, you will quickly realize that you are spending a lot of hard earned money on clogging the arteries. Eat homemade meals will save you money and health concerns.

Coupons are good

Try to get your hands on as many coupons as you can, regardless of their value. You will be surprised by the difference on your bill the next time you do the grocery shopping.

Keep Fit

Being healthy also means improving your financial health. Not only does a sedentary lifestyle have negative consequences on your body, but it also has an impact on your wallet. Thus, fewer health problems mean less medical expenses.

Avoid the Mall as Much as Possible

Well-lit spaces and eye-catching boutiques are designed to make you spend. Sooner or later, you will crack and buy things you do not need.

Buy Gifts and Handmade Cards

It is not necessary to spend a fortune to purchase a suitable gift. There are plenty of shops and websites that sell beautiful and attractive handmade gifts and cards but at a fraction of the price.

Reduce Your Consumption of Soft Drinks

Beverages sometimes constitute a significant percentage of people’s spending. If banning soft drinks from your life is not an option, try at least to reduce your daily intake.  Try water; it’s free!

Avoid Eating Too Often at the Restaurant

Long working hours and overcrowded schedules often force us to eat out or order takeout, which does a number on the food budget. Plan your meals and plan for cooking to save money.

Renounce Alcohol for Long Periods of Time

It’s perfectly fine to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine after a long day, but spending a fortune on cocktails every day is not. Besides, that alcohol is the main culprit of overspending online.  Don’t drink and Prime!

Buy Good Quality Home Appliances

People do not hesitate to buy expensive clothes, but they question when it comes time to buy quality appliances. Buying lower-quality appliances save money in the short term but can result in higher maintenance and electricity costs. Make sure you’re buying high efficiency (HE) appliances for the most bang for your buck.

Delete Your Credit Card Number from Websites

People who shop a lot online tend to save their info on the sites they frequent, which often results in a spontaneous shopping, just because it’s convenient. Not keeping your personal information will require you to take out your credit card each time, which could avoid you rash shopping.

Prepare a Grocery List

We tend to spend a lot more when we shop without preparation. Decide what you need, prepare a list, stick to it and you will see how much you will save.

Pick Up a Piggy Bank

You are no longer a child, but the piggy bank principle works for all ages. Do not worry if it sounds childish: when you have a significant amount at your disposal, you will agree that the piggy bank was a great idea.

Cancel Your Unnecessary Subscriptions

You know, this magazine you subscribed to last year? He comes to your door every month, but you barely efface him. Cancel your subscription. You will always be able to read online.

Saving money is not as difficult as it sounds. Of course, you cannot set aside money without making some changes, but when you can finally give it a try, you certainly do not regret your little sacrifices, and will even be tempted to pay more attention to the future!


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