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  • Brian Duncan
    “Give the Swami a call. I'm saving more than $500 this year on my - upgraded - internet service alone!”
    Brian Duncan
  • Meg Gilmartin
    "The fastest way to save some money every single day! No one knows how to negotiate better than the Swami and find the best deals for you!”
    Meg Gilmartin
  • Kelly Champagne
    “The Saving Swami has helped me save a bunch of money!! I was so tired of paying higher than necessary rates on my phone, cable and Internet bills. Whenever I called to discuss my bill, I sat on hold and when I did get to talk to someone, they were rarely helpful. The Saving Swami spent 5 minutes asking me a few basic questions about my bills and he did the rest. 5 minutes with the Saving Swami saved me more than $200 off my bills. Thank you Saving Swami!! Call today for a FREE consultation.”
    Kelly Champagne
  • Adam Gelman
    "The Saving Swami is the man. He helped me save close to $40 a month on my Time Warner bill. He was able to get my bill lower while actually adding channels and upping my internet speed two tiers. It's nice to know someone's got my back with my bills. To have an expert be able to challenge big companies, to know I did get the best deal is very comforting."
    Adam Gelman
  • Nick Desso
    “Everywhere I go people always say ‘Nick can you help me out, donate to this cause, donate to that.’ Well the Saving Swami helped lower my fixed monthly bills so now I can give to the church or charity of my choice. Time Warner bill slashed, Verizon slashed, and garbage bill slashed. If we're going to live in this world together we might as well save some money together by negotiating our bills. Thanks Swami!!”
    Nick Desso
  • - Brad Ignash
    “The Swami preaches what he practices. Wanting more time and/or money is the ultimate goal for most people, but who wants to waste the extra time and burn up every reserve of patience by navigating through the murky waters of some gigantic corporate call center. The Swami knows how to take the best path and negotiate the best savings and protects your time, money and patience. Plus, the free advice and tips the Swami shares will help you in your day to day. Just being made aware of the savings that are available to me have made me a savvier shopper and kept some extra cash in my pockets. Thanks Swami.”
    - Brad Ignash

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